Guide to Authors

Full Length text research papers, short communications, short research articles are accepted.

Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font of 12 in double space. Titles should be in a font size 14, bold and capitals. Subtitles should be in font size 12, bold and face capitals. Manuscript should be presented on A-4 size, with 2 cm. margins on all the sides.

Electronic submission of Manuscripts are encouraged and to be submitted to or

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Manuscript should be arranged with each of the following on a separate page.

1. Title page: Title with names of Authors (Surname, initials. For first author and followers with initials and surnames), addresses, phone numbers, address for correspondence and e-mail id of corresponding author.

2. Abstract and Keywords,

3. Introduction,

4. Material and Methods,

5. Results and Discussion,

6. Conclusions and Acknowledgement,

7. References: Manuscript should contain a complete list of all references at the end of the manuscript with an individual reference number for each reference. All references must be numbered consecutively, in the order of appearance in the text.

Tables should be presented on separate pages with numbers.

The editorial board reserves right to make necessary changes in the length of manuscript.

There are no printing, subscription or membership charges for any author.

Manuscript processing charges: For a manuscript
Indian - INR 1500.
Other - USD 80.

(Cost towards processing, maintenance of paper in secured data storage system, databases; to meet various overhead expenses like technical assistance, office charges etc.).

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